Spurious geoblock


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I connected from the United States to a PP VPN server in the United States and visited the website of a US-based company. Neuro Routing was enabled and PP showed my IP address location as Germany. The website (of the US-based company) blocked access, with the block reason 'Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator (Block ID GEO02). The company does business only in the United States, so the server should be in the United States (though I happen to know that the company's web developer resides in Europe). Does this geoblock error mean that Neuro Routing has detected that the target site is located in or near Germany, and consequently, routed my traffic through a German IP address?


PP Daniel

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No way to tell for sure. It may even be hosted at multiple locations simultaneously (in the cloud). You can only try to figure out using traceroute.