1. Z

    Spurious geoblock

    I connected from the United States to a PP VPN server in the United States and visited the website of a US-based company. Neuro Routing was enabled and PP showed my IP address location as Germany. The website (of the US-based company) blocked access, with the block reason 'Access from your...
  2. F

    Verständnisfrage: Zufällige IP-Adresse, Proxy und NeuroRouting

    Hallo liebes PP-Team und liebe Leute. Bei den PP-Einstellungen in der PP-Webseite unter der Rubrik "Zufällige Ausgangs-IP-Adresse benutzen" steht: "Proxy-Server (z. B. HTTP, SOCKS) nutzen hingegen immer die Eingangs-IP-Adresse als Ausgangs-IP-Adresse." Gilt das auch, wenn NeuroRouting...
  3. BruceWayne

    Solved: Cascading with Neuro-routing

    It is really worthy to use Cascading upto 4 times with neurorouting. I am asking as paranoid point of view. Does it add extra security. Also I wanted to know which server know website visited or DNS queries in cascading - the first one or no.4.