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    Verständnisfrage: Zufällige IP-Adresse, Proxy und NeuroRouting

    Hallo liebes PP-Team und liebe Leute. Bei den PP-Einstellungen in der PP-Webseite unter der Rubrik "Zufällige Ausgangs-IP-Adresse benutzen" steht: "Proxy-Server (z. B. HTTP, SOCKS) nutzen hingegen immer die Eingangs-IP-Adresse als Ausgangs-IP-Adresse." Gilt das auch, wenn NeuroRouting...
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    Neurorouting and Double VPN

    Does neurorouting always mean double VPN or it can be single, if i am trying to access the server in the same country as the first one VPN server?
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    Solved: Neurorouting not working...

    I see that, in the German-speaking forum, Corbis reports that neurorouting is not currently working. I concur with that. It's not working for me either. Could this be addressed? Thanks.
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    Solved: NeuroRouting does not appear to take into account all available locations/servers

    Dear PP users, it seems the advanced NeuroRouting feature will not always make use of the geographically closest server out there. Have anyone run into that, too? For instance, if I go to a Czech server, the exit IP address is still a German one. Even if PP is available in Czech. Sadly, there...