How good are Free VPN?

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers (Q&A)' started by anajames, Apr 26, 2017.

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    anajames Member

    I would like to know, if someone does not have that amount to pay for a vpn service and wants to opt for a free vpn.
    Which ones are recommended and how much security is in store for the user?
  2. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    I would not recommend any free VPN services. If a company has no product to sell, chances are the product is you.
  3. M

    MathieuForPresident New Member

    If you think about a VPN Service, you need to know, that this kind of service needs an excessive amount of servers, connections and employees. These servers, connections and employees need to be paid somehow. If you dont pay for your service with your dollars, the company behind it needs to collect the money for the business somehow. So what is the only thing they could use to make money? Right! Your Data. So please, if you want to be secure and anonym, donĀ“t use a free VPN. I highly recommend you to use a good quality service like PP. Even though often the free ones promise to be good. But sadly we live in a capitalist world. Everybody needs to make money. Nobody will give this to you as a gift.
  4. a

    anajames Member

    Selling our data?
  5. P

    Peter Kendrick New Member

    Yes. Your information that passes through their servers will be available for the third-party advertisers to either use for analytics purposes or targeting ads. You can use a free VPN by a company that earns its revenue through paid services, but I wouldn't rely on it as well. You can look for affordable plan or deals of some best VPN services to get the best out of your money.
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  6. a

    anajames Member

    That is what i had in mind, what could be the catch. There is nothing free in this world.
  7. t

    turquoise New Member

    Some VPNs can require payment but still use your data for selling if need be. ALWAYS consider your VPN choice before acting. At least PP has been reviewed by websites with complimentary words by critics.
  8. A

    ALex_White New Member

    As practice shows, any free VPN doesn't provide a good service. I prefer and advise you to buy it. There are many inexpensive and excellent services with high speed, ultra-secure and no logs. I bought via TopVPNchoice. Good service, a lot of information about VPNs with ratings, plans and reviews. I bought the best VPN on market and for me is SaferVPN. I saved -72% on a 3 years subscription. real Savings for such an easy-to-use service.
  9. R

    Ronnie_Andersen New Member

    I would never suggest anyone free VPN since it's limited to a few features. Your privacy will not be 100% and your online activities will be vulnerable. I would suggest you go for the most affordable VPN for USA as it contains detail analysis for CyberGhost. That is what I am using and by far it has lived up to my expectations by being smooth and fast
  10. Pendragon

    Pendragon New Member

    [H]ardOcp posted a news article the other day about this very thing .. If you care about privacy, never use a free VPN
  11. m

    moejoe Member

    @anajames :

    The only situation which makes more or less sense to use an free vpn is on public hotspots like airport etc. to protect you against an attack.

    Before i had used pp for this i used the app turbo vpn.

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    moejoe Member

  13. a

    anajames Member

    The Turbo VPN is a free VPN which I used for my iPhone some time ago, initially, it worked really well which I was using to unblock the Netflix US Library in Canada. But later on it was useless, I could not browse the desired library. Moreover, It asked me to buy the updated version. Then I thought why not get one of the prominent ones. Since I needed it specifically for Netflix, where we all know Netflix has been blocking VPN services for quite long. I came by some recommendations as Netflix VPN. Some of the top ones included Express, Nord, IPVanish, and Astrill. Express had a good option to get 30 days money back which is good as a trial, I decided on getting the subscription for ExpressVPN to watch the US Netflix Library.
    Believe me it works the best. I just need to connect to a USA server in Washington as the guide says and I am able to binge watch my favorite shows and movies on Netflix that too US content.
    I think I have found my VPN this time.
  14. d

    davidmichaels New Member

    Hi Ana,

    I read your first question here in which you mentioned which vpn to go for if someone has low budget and if they should go for free vpn ?!

    I would like to advice you never ever go for a free vpn, they are not safe as proved in past they keep the logs of their users and later on some vpns were accused of selling their users data to some third party.

    If you have got a low budget i must prefer to search for black friday vpn deals in google, because black friday is near and many vpns are introducing their best deals of the year. It is a good chance for you to grab the best one with the cheapest price ;)

    After all its wise enough to spend some dollars rather than compromising your data and privacy. :D
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    moejoe Member

  16. bohumil

    bohumil Member

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  17. bohumil

    bohumil Member

    And why do you ask this here?
    Are you nuts?
    Quality has its price.
  18. m

    moejoe Member


    Theres is no real proof for it

    It can be or not but then u have to avoid every vpn provider.

    Try to create ur own with algo if u want to deep dive in connected with more effort.

    regards john
  19. bohumil

    bohumil Member

    Look for this at the other VPN provider sites.
    To be with PP for has many reasons for me, anonymity is not the only one.
    What do you mean by this?
  20. m

    moejoe Member

    Warrant canary is like snake oil.

    And first of all u have to thinking about how many security u need whats ur private threat level.

    But i u want to get rid of an one site authority u can use tor as an cascade or use an Program ( like openvpn) to cascade with an other vpn provider but afaik PP doesnt really provide this.

    At the end.. u have to trust ur provider.. and i u have independet ones its far away from good but the threat isnt so big when only one is compromised.

    The other one:

    Algo is an script where u can create ur own vpn on an vps server.

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