How good are Free VPN?

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I would like to know, if someone does not have that amount to pay for a vpn service and wants to opt for a free vpn.
Which ones are recommended and how much security is in store for the user?


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AFAIK Tor isn't secure so far (exitnodes). Created by the US gov. IMO just another honeypot.
Today, the tracking methods have progressed so much that the IP address is becoming increasingly important as a key feature.
Based on certain features, such as the cookies, installed browser add-ons, screen resolution, standard language and others, users can be almost uniquely identified.
Why PP doesn't provide cascades? They say they do. But I don't use it.
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May tor isnt 100 % secure but far away from controlled by the agency as their toy.

U can protect against off all these ones which uve mentioned. Just google for it.

IP Adress at this point is only a threat when an Authority is working for the "other" side or eavesdrops from the agency.

Traffic correlation is a big point, but u are more or less secure ( based on if u are on most wanted list from for example the fbi) to surf with an 2 authority cascade.

U have to weight up ur personal need of security u dont need an armor tank for kids with paintballs !!!



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Thanks, I know this site very well...

Rule 41 of the US Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure erlaubt seit Dez. 2016 dem FBI das massenweise Hacken von Tor- und VPN-Nutzern unabhägig davon, in welchem Land die Tor-Nutzer sich befinden. Kann das FBI den TorBrowser hacken und unbemerkt einen Tojaner installieren? Ja.
  1. 2015 verwendete das FBI im Rahmen der Operation Playpen einen Zero-Day-Exploit im TorBrowser, um Besuchern von bestimmten Webseiten einen Trojaner unterzuschieben, der die reale IP-Adresse der Surfer ermittelte, an das FBI sendete und die Tor-Nutzer damit deanonymisierte. 8700 Tor-Nutzer in 120 Ländern waren betroffen. Welcher Lücke im Firefox dabei ausgenutzt wurde, ist nicht bekannt. Mozilla und haben sich bemüht, aber die Informationen zur ausgenutzten Lücke wurden unter Hinweis auf die "Nationale Sicherheit" als geheim eingestuft.
  2. Im Sommer 2013 wurden tausende Tor-Nutzer mit dem FBI-Trojaner "Magneto" infiziert. Der Exploit zur Installation des Trojaners nutzte einen Javascript Bug im TorBrowser. Der installierte Trojaner sendete die IP-Adresse, die MAC-Adresse und den Namen des Rechners an einen FBI Server, um den Tor-Nutzer zu deanonymisieren.
  3. Aus den Snwoden Dokumenten geht hervor, dass die NSA das TorBrowserBundle auf Basis von Firefox 10 esr über einen Bug in E4X (einer XML Extension für Javascript) automatisiert angreifen und Nutzer deanonymisieren konnten.
  4. Außerdem geht aus den Snwoden Dokumenten hervor, dass die NSA eine QUANTUMCOOKIE insert attack aktiv nutzt, um Tor Nutzer zu deanonymisieren.
Only in the highest security level it makes sense to use TOR, but then surfing is a PITA.


All in all .. yes they can reveal ( almost) every identity but they dont make so much effort for an normal user which uses some streaming provider for movies or buy some drugs on an market.

So may u searching an vpn provider which u trust and use it as ur second authority or u create ur own with algo as ur second one. another possibilty is to use other anonymization networks like freenet.

But the Main thing is ... nothing is 100 % Secure.



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So may u searching an vpn provider which u trust and use it as ur second authority or u create ur own with algo as ur second one. another possibilty is to use other anonymization networks like freenet.

I think it would even be be better to find 2 or 3 trustable VPN providers, cascade a VPN connection with each of them (in different countries), and use Tor on top of that. It's possible to do that manually with OpenVPN. It would be very cool if it were possible to do the same automatically with the PP Vpn Manager, including adding the .ovpn files of the other(s) VPN providers inC:\Program Files (x86)\Perfect Privacy VPN Manager\configs, but I guess PP team will not be comfortable with that suggestion :)


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Depends on what is needed. If I need to bypass geo-blocks I use free proxies, but the speeds are sometimes unbearable. If I'm doing money transactions and crypto I use a paid VPN. To be honest I was always interested to know where do free VPNs get their profit from? Is it Ad targeting?


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On APKNite company, I'm using Mullvad for now but I'm pretty interested in PP because of the multihop they offer. Then been a member of perfect-privacy for just a few days now, so far so good. Using OpenVPN on Linux, setup was very simple, download the config files and import them, speeds are good, all online tools show I have no leaks. The account options on their website allow using your PGP key so that all automatic emails are encrypted with your key which is a nice touch.


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I have been using VPNs for a while, i think there are a few trustworthy free VPNs but in large they are limited by bandwidth usage and lack of server choice. paying for one isnt a big deal they are always on offer.