Answered: "DNS does not appear to be working" on Tunnelblick using OpenVPN on MacOS High Sierra


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Dear forums,

There may be an obvious solution to this issue, but so far the solutions I have found on other sites haven't worked.

I followed the install guide for MacOS to the letter, and the service seems to be working for me. However, shortly after connecting to any VPN server, I am met with the following message:

"After connecting to [server here], DNS does not appear to be working. This may mean that your VPN is not configured correctly."

First of all, what does this mean? Is it serious? I assume I have to fix it somehow. I have tried enabling the option "Allow changes to manually-set network settings" under advanced settings, but that did not seem to help me as it has others.

If it can help, here are the logs for my connection with the Copenhagen server:

Any thoughts? Thanks for your time.


Yes it is still BETA but working well. It is form the german board threads

yes it is completely in english



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EDIT: Found it. Again, thanks for your help.

The software you linked me to was in German. I've attached a screenshot. Still, thank you for your help. I will try looking through the German boards.


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