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We had a lot of requests for a full-fledged VPN client for MacOS. Now we are happy to announce that the new MacOS client with completely revised GUI is in the final stages.

Note that this new client is still under development but we are already providing a sneak preview for those interested. This way you can test the basic functionality and give us feedback and comments for further development.

Also, be aware that since this software is still in beta phase, some problems may still occur and some features are still missing. However, this public beta has been tested in the wild for 5 months now and is running stable on almost all systems. Alternatively you can use a more proven solution like Tunnelblick or the built-in VPN in MacOS.

If you find a bug or notice something that seems off, please write a personal message to PP Simon and include the log file which you can export under "Log" -> "Export full report". Do not post the log file in the forum, it contains username and IP addresses.


The software runs on MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer. Here is the download link. You will need to log into the member area.

Quick guide:

After installation start the program "Perfect Privacy VPN".

In the dashboard enter you username and password and click on save.

Now you can choose a "country" or "city" to connect to.

If you want to use a cascaded connection, activate "Enable Cascading Mode" under "Gobal Settings". Now you can cascade your connection over multiple countries or cities.

You can save your favorite server connection with a click in the upper left. This will add the connection as a favorite. You can save multiple connections as favorites so you have quick access to your most commonly used servers. By clicking on the eraser you can remove a connection from the favorite list.


To uninstall the app completely, simply delete it or drag it to the trash bin. All configuration files will be deleted automatically.

Prior to software version 0.1.14 or if the automatic uninstall failed, you need to run a shell script that will cleanly remove everything. To use that, first quit the VPN manager and then open a terminal and use the following command to execute the uninstall script:

/Library/Application\ Support/com.perfect-privacy.perfect-privacy-vpn/uninstall.sh

With this test version you should reboot your computer aftwerwards to reset the network settings.

Planned Features:
  • Extended leak protection with separate protection against "Wrong Way", SNMP/UPnP and DNS leaks.
  • Option to allow the selection of the DNS servers manually
  • Quick overview of all active features in the dashboard
  • Display of the public IP address
Known Issues:
  • Uninstalling with active leak protection will not deactivate it (reboot necessary)

  • Updates OpenSSL to 1.0.2o
  • Updates OpenVPN to 2.4.5
  • Fixes a bug with opening the window on MacOS 10.8
  • If you delete the app or drag it to the trash bin, the app will be uninstalled automatically
  • Fixes a bug that the SSH tunneled connection didn't work on MacOS 10.11 ElCapitan
  • Adds an icon to the status menu. With the icon's menu you can quickly connect to a favourite or change the connection.
  • Fixes a bug that a SSH tunneled connection (Stealth VPN) did work with one hop only
  • Minor changes to the GUI
  • Fixes an issue that the software was unable to start on old Macs with a Core2Duo processor
  • Checks the Perfect Privacy credentials immediately after entering
  • "Escape Method" is now called "Stealth VPN"
  • Enhances the compatibility with old versions of MacOS
  • Minor changes to the GUI
  • Fixes an issue with empty City/Country tab
  • Fixes a bug, that the software couldn't be started on MacOS ElCapitan 10.11
  • Fixes a but, that the log files couldn't be exported
  • Makes the software update more robust
  • Updates OpenSSL to version 0.1.2n
  • VPN configurations are now updated independently from the software updates
  • Adds debugging tools
  • Minor GUI changes
  • Fixes a problem that requires a reboot when an update for the VPN Manager is available.
  • Fixes a problem where on some systems the program would not start (hangs on loading screen)
  • Better compatibility with MacOS 10.8 and 10.9.

0.1.8 NOTE: Updating from this version requires a restart of the system.
  • Adds a search field in the server selection panels
  • Fixes an issue where the software couldn't have been shut down correctly if the mac has been in sleep mode
  • Updates OpenSSL to 1.0.2m
  • Stealth-VPN: Added an option to establish a VPN connection via an SSH tunnel
  • Fixed an issue with the update of the VPN config files
  • Stealth-VPN: Added an option to establish a VPN connection via a SOCKS proxy
  • The possibility to connect to distinct servers (ie. Rotterdam 1) is restricted to the expert mode
  • Fixed an issue with the traffic leak protection combined with link-local addresses and mDNS
  • Minor GUI bug fixes
  • Stealth-VPN: Added an option to establish a VPN connection via a HTTP proxy
  • Added an expert mode which enables advanced settings
  • Fixed an issue where the leak protection was only activated after the first connection, regardless of the setting.
  • Downloaded Update will now be installed automatically if the program is closed
  • Fixed a problem with TCP connections when leak protection is active.
  • Updated OpenVPN to version 2.4.4
  • Added automatic updates: Will automatically search for updates, no manual install necessary for update.
  • Added visual indicator for the leak protection
  • Fixes problem when connecting to specific servers (e.g. Nuremberg2)
  • Fixes UI display issue in macOS 10.10 Yosemite
  • First beta version
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PP Stephan

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Note: If you are on version below 0.1.0 please download the latest beta version again. From now on updates will be installed automatically.

PP Stephan

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A new version (0.1.9) has been released. Note that due to a bug you will need to restart the system when updating from version 0.1.8 (this has now been fixed).


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I've attempted to download the Mac Beta 1.0 version to my MacBook several times but to no avail. Each time I receive the same Sigsegv error message (EXC_BAD_ACCESS). The earlier version I was using (0.1.5) installed without any issues, as did the latest 1.0 version on my iMac. Both machines are running on OSX El Capitan (Version 10.11.6). I've used the script provided, to delete each attempt, and have rebooted my computer afterward each time. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this issue?


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I get this when clicking on the above: This member limits who may view their full profile.

Am I doing something wrong?


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@kwjohansson under Inbox click "Start a New Conversation" and then in the Participants box type "PP Simon" and you will see his username come up after you enter PP.


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@PP Simon My 2 cents.

Apart from the Cascading Mode, everything else is already available under IKEv2.

It would have been great to get the new still like Stealth VPN or DNS Leaks.

Otherwise, I do not really see the reason to add an extra layer which does not bring any added value.


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With the Mac OS app you do get some benefits over IKEv2, such as Stealth VPN (Escape method), port selection, and the multi hop feature. Using OpenVPN is also a plus because it's open source.


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I guess I was not clear in my comment.

The actual Beta version does bring anything more than IKEv2 setup, as what you mentioned are planned but in future releases that I am waiting since a year now :(

My point was to bring the new stuff into the Beta now and not what already exists in macOS. ;)


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@Pete you can use all these features right now! I am :)
The Escape method (stealth VPN) has already been released many versions ago - since the 0.1.5 release. Go to Global Settings and then Escape method, then select which option you want to use. Port selection and transport layer protocol selection are also available under Global Settings.

The multi-hop feature also allows you to create favorite configurations to use with one click, which I find pretty cool.

I'm using the version 0.1.10 as I write this and all these features are working well for me.


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My bad then.

I do not remember which version I used but those options were not implemented.
I follow this thread but because the initial post is not updated (the options that we talked about are still in the planned section and the logs do not mention those implementations)
Then, I did not want to download it again.

By the way where did you get this latest version which is neither mentioned here.



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Just uninstall the current version, then download the latest version using the link at the top of the page "Here is the download link."