VPN speed on Asus AC88U Router

Discussion in 'Router' started by Nairda, May 16, 2018.

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    Nairda New Member

    First of all, yes I know the router will never match the VPN speed of my iMac. However, as well as being a recent convert to Perfect-Privacy I still have an account with BlackVPN and regardless of which city I run a speed test from the BlackVPN connection is always between 30% and 50% faster than anything I get over a PP connection.

    Typically PP gives a maximum speed of perhaps 21 Mbs, often less than 20 Mbs while BlackVPN easily reaches up to 36 Mbs. I have tried tweaking PP setting but to no avail so it is clearly an issue with either the PP settings or the way the router and VPN server communicate. These results are completely reproducible regardless of the connection. All connections are UDP and I should mention that BlackVPN is using 256 bits while PP is only 128 bits.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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    Pete Member

    I never tried BlackVPN as it is located in HKG (China) that I do lot trust.

    The speed I get with PP is around 200Mbps on a 400MBps Wi-Fi ac connection on a 1Gb fiber optic connection.
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