Solved: utorrent and DHT through proxy

Discussion in 'Windows' started by necro1, Sep 17, 2013.

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    necro1 Junior Member

    actually daniel pointed it out in this thread and apologized for not having it on the web page yet...i appreciate you explaining the severity of it though...i have no want for causing any problems and will take steps to avoid causing them, thank you

    im not attempting to torrent through just the proxy attempting to run utorrent through the VPN and a proxy, as i do understand that a proxy isnt very secure on its own, to be able to have access to usa only content that detects and blocks all access through a proxy yet allows VPN that i may have my browser running through the american VPN and also be able to safely run utorrent through the proxy simultaneously....maybe im going about this all wrong

    the goal here is to be able to access US content (netflix streaming) through my browser and run utorrent at the same time while remaining secure
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    necro1 Junior Member

    so even if i have the VPN tunnel running, by attempting to also run the proxy im also bypassing the VPN and connecting through my ISP? sorry for all the noob questions, im just trying to wrap my head around how this knowledge on this subject is very limited
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    necro1 Junior Member

    my isp is not a high quality one, i max out my speed at 1.5mb/s down and .5mb/s up but its the only thing available in my location so moving over to another format for speed quality isnt really much of an improvement (they will both most likely be about the same speed for me) and before i do i will have to do some research into this OCH you know any good places to gather knowledge on the subject?
  4. JackCarver

    JackCarver Junior Member

    No with VPN you are safe, my example was for only Proxy setup. OCHs: Very good Site to find links:
  5. PP Daniel

    PP Daniel Staff Member


    I had no idea this thread would get this busy :rolleyes:

    What you are trying to achieve seems to be quite tricky. To me the best (as in safest) solution seems to be the use of a virtual machine (VM) for utorrent, and having it set up with a shared folder and a firewall permitting internet access only via openvpn. Of course it would also work the other way around with a browser in a VM.
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    necro1 Junior Member

    wouldn't this still force everything through a single server (non usa only, or usa only) causing either netflix to break or torrenting on a US server? or does the VM have its own openVPN operating on it as well as the host machine?
  7. JackCarver

    JackCarver Junior Member

    You can choose the Network setup in a VM: - routed Network - bridged Network In first case the VM uses the host's network In second case the VM has it's own independent network If you choose a bridged network then you can operate 2 Independent VPN, one for netflix one for torrenting, that's a good setup for your case. Firewall in the VM if you choose the VM for torrenting would be Good to prevent IP leaks if VPN crashes, like Daniel suggested.
  8. PP Daniel

    PP Daniel Staff Member


    JackCarver was faster. :cool:

    Even a routed network would not be a problem, but in this case the traffic/tunnel from the VM would go through the hosts OpenVPN tunnel too (and thus cause a large roundtrip time).
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    necro1 Junior Member

    just to make sure i understand correctly:

    so this means if i run a VM on my machine for torrenting i would run openVPN on both the host machine and in the VM with the host running through a US server for viewing netflix and the VM would also be running openVPN through a torrent friendly server for utorrent.....if i choose a routed network for the VM it would run a tunnel through the host tunnel to a torrent friendly server...if i choose a bridged network for the VM it would bypass the host tunnel and run through the torrent friendly server either case it would make a secure connection for doing both simultaneously (with some latency when running the routed network) and i can utilize both the VM and host for just the opposite as well if i so choose (VM for netflix and host for torrents) without issue
  10. PP Daniel

    PP Daniel Staff Member

    Yes, that is how it works for me. I use several VMs for testing purposes and have a setup like this.
  11. JackCarver

    JackCarver Junior Member

    That's right :)

    You can choose Torrents in VM or netflix in VM, in both setups you would have your US IP fpr netflix and you can do torrents through secure VPN. I would prefer bridged setup for speed reasons.
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    necro1 Junior Member

    oh i see.....och is like mediafire and rapidshare and such.....ive used them as well but find it more difficult to find what im looking misunderstanding for not connecting OCH to that method of file sharing...thank you
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    necro1 Junior Member

    thanks to everyone for helping me figure this out....the answer isnt to run torrents through a proxy while on a US vpn but to run VMware and run two VPNs at the same time...this should fix the DHT issue and still allow for US (proxy blocking) content while maintaining high security for privacy reasons and avoiding non torrent friendly servers all in one...if there was a point system in this forum i would give everyone recognition
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    shayanjameel08 Junior Member

    BTGuard Proxy works fine with magnet links but NOT if you have the encryption option enabled, then I can not in any way make it work.
  15. H

    Hydraulics New Member

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