OPNsense routers need additional tweak to make PP work


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OPNsense is related to pfSense and is more secure in my opinion (the internet has lots of discussions on this topic that can be Googled).

I am a new user that recently updated my account from a one month subscription to a 2-year subscription. I use OpenVPN in OpenSUSE 15.1 OS desktop and FreeBSD 11.2 OS OPNsense router. I use the NeuroRouting feature and find it works well and the speeds are fast enough to stream 1080p video. I like the fact PP has manuals and config generators for any system. There is a pfSense router manual and it works succesfully for OPNsense routers too (both pfSense and OPNsense are related, and are based on FreeBSD). For OPNsense, there are a couple of tweaks needed to make it work properly: use tls-auth and not tls-crypt; leave the advanced settings box blank (adding the advanced/custom settings from the config files breaks the service). Both the pfSense and Linux .ovpn configuration files works in OPNsense routers. For desktop I just use Network Manager and import the files as-is and all works flawlessly with no needed adjustments (the Linux OS is OpenSUSE 15.1). I also use VPN of AirVPN for past many years, and think Perfect-Privacy has advantages compared to AirVPN. For those that want to use Perfect-Privacy in a pfSense/OPNsense firewall router, a cool capability is creating multi-VPN group gateway setup for load-balancing and fault tolerant uninterrupted service. For the procedure you can visit https://nguvu.org/pfsense/pfsense-multi-vpn-wan/. Just remember, don't add the custom settings in the Advanced settings option box in the OPNsense router (the pfSense manula by Perefect-Privacy has a copy-paste instruction for these settings and doing this for OPNsense will prevent it from working). If you want to learn more about OPNsense you can visit https://opnsense.org/ . My hope for Perfect-Privacy is that more users sign up so the traffic is higher - I believe the additional noise will enhance privacy.