Opened Ports When Cascading VPN Connexions


Junior Member
When using 1 hop VPN Connection, clicking in the VPN Managers on "details" just below the used server make the 3 dynamically open ports be displayed.
When cascading 2 or more VPN connections, 3 ports are still open on the exit server, but this time they are not displayed in the manager. Clicking on "details" below the exit server only displays Internal Servder IP and VPN Server IP.
Of course these ports can be derived in doing some math:
The ports for the default forwarding are always 1XXXX for the first forwarding, 2XXXX for the second and 3XXXX for the third. The XXXX is determined by the last 12 bits of the internal IP address. Example: Your internal IP is Converting to binary this is 00001010 00000000 11001011 01011000. Converting the last 12 bit 101101011000 to decimal results in 2904. So the forwarded ports will be 12904, 22904 and 32904.

But having to do that manually each time is so 2008... Couldn't PP make the results of this calculation be displayed in "details" below the exit server as usually??