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    Hallo PP Community & PP Betreiber, ich frage mich wie man überprüfen kann, ob mehrere VPNs hintereinander / Cascading / Multi Hop auch wirklich funktionieren. Mit wirklich funktionieren meine ich eine Nested Encryption, also dass der Traffic vom Sender mit VPN1 + VPN 2 + VPN3 verschlüsselt...
  2. E

    What are the 3 open ports on the exit server when cascading??

    When connecting to only one server, clicking (on the vpn manager) on "details" just under the chose server shows the locals ip in use, and the 3 (dynamics) open ports on this server. But when cascading VPN connections, clicking on "details" under the exit server only shows th internal IPs, not...
  3. E

    Opened Ports When Cascading VPN Connexions

    When using 1 hop VPN Connection, clicking in the VPN Managers on "details" just below the used server make the 3 dynamically open ports be displayed. When cascading 2 or more VPN connections, 3 ports are still open on the exit server, but this time they are not displayed in the manager. Clicking...
  4. BruceWayne

    Answered: Cascading with Neuro-routing

    It is really worthy to use Cascading upto 4 times with neurorouting. I am asking as paranoid point of view. Does it add extra security. Also I wanted to know which server know website visited or DNS queries in cascading - the first one or no.4.
  5. M

    Linux client with all features?

    According to the interview in TorrentFreak (, you claim that "At the time of this article the Linux, Mac and Android clients are still in open beta." When will the Linux client be ready? Will it contain all the...