[macOS] Beta Test: Perfect Privacy VPN Software

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PP Stephan, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. mbr829

    mbr829 New Member

    You actually have Stealth mode - it's called "Escape Method" in the app. Yes, I'm also using High Sierra and everything works without any issues. You may need to restart your system if you updated from version 0.1.8 as is noted above. Otherwise, I'd try again, reboot, and if it still doesn't work email support perhaps.
  2. Pete

    Pete Member

    If you looked at the screenshots I posted there is no such menu "Escape Method" in the General settings.

    I sent the debug report to Simon. I'll wait and see.
  3. mbr829

    mbr829 New Member

    Escape Method is in your first screenshot:


    Look at the bottom of the VPN Type category.
  4. Pete

    Pete Member

    Yep thanks I saw it afterwards.

    Any the country list is empty on my side. So I can't even connect. Still waiting for Simon feedback....
  5. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    @Pete Thank you for reporting your issue. We've had a chat. The current version 0.1.11 fixes your problem with the empty Country/City tabs.
  6. pkaloc

    pkaloc New Member


    It seems SSH tunnelling is not supported over multiple hops. Is it deliberate or might be a bug? If I try to use the SSH Tunnel Escape Method while having selected multiple cities, connection will never establish. Regardless the selected cities/servers.

    NeuroRouting+SSHTunnel works like a charm. Obviously, single location/server must be selected in the app in this case.

    Thank you for your time.
  7. ppquestions

    ppquestions New Member

    How can I get the Mac app to show that a VPN connection is live from the Mac menu bar? Without some indication that the VPN is live, I'm never sure if it's active.
  8. mbr829

    mbr829 New Member

    I don't think it is designed to do this. But I've found that if the connection drops, all connectivity will be blocked by the app so there's no need to worry about IP leaks - at least from what I've seen/tested.
  9. ppquestions

    ppquestions New Member

    Well, the app really need an indicator that the VPN is active in the menu bar. Otherwise we may forget to even activate the VPN. then we have a bigger problem than possible DNS leaking.