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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PP Stephan, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. m

    mbr829 Member

    You actually have Stealth mode - it's called "Escape Method" in the app. Yes, I'm also using High Sierra and everything works without any issues. You may need to restart your system if you updated from version 0.1.8 as is noted above. Otherwise, I'd try again, reboot, and if it still doesn't work email support perhaps.
  2. P

    Pete Member

    If you looked at the screenshots I posted there is no such menu "Escape Method" in the General settings.

    I sent the debug report to Simon. I'll wait and see.
  3. m

    mbr829 Member

    Escape Method is in your first screenshot:


    Look at the bottom of the VPN Type category.
  4. P

    Pete Member

    Yep thanks I saw it afterwards.

    Any the country list is empty on my side. So I can't even connect. Still waiting for Simon feedback....
  5. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    @Pete Thank you for reporting your issue. We've had a chat. The current version 0.1.11 fixes your problem with the empty Country/City tabs.
  6. p

    pkaloc New Member


    It seems SSH tunnelling is not supported over multiple hops. Is it deliberate or might be a bug? If I try to use the SSH Tunnel Escape Method while having selected multiple cities, connection will never establish. Regardless the selected cities/servers.

    NeuroRouting+SSHTunnel works like a charm. Obviously, single location/server must be selected in the app in this case.

    Thank you for your time.
  7. p

    ppquestions New Member

    How can I get the Mac app to show that a VPN connection is live from the Mac menu bar? Without some indication that the VPN is live, I'm never sure if it's active.
  8. m

    mbr829 Member

    I don't think it is designed to do this. But I've found that if the connection drops, all connectivity will be blocked by the app so there's no need to worry about IP leaks - at least from what I've seen/tested.
  9. p

    ppquestions New Member

    Well, the app really need an indicator that the VPN is active in the menu bar. Otherwise we may forget to even activate the VPN. then we have a bigger problem than possible DNS leaking.
  10. P

    Pete Member

    I do agree, an icon in the task bar is mandatory like any other VPN client or active Mac applications.

    I would also like an automatic connection when you turn on your computer.
  11. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    @Pete @ppquestions @mbr829 Thanks for your suggestions.

    The "Escape Method" is now called "Stealth VPN" which is indeed the obfuscation option.

    The firewall is enabled by default if you click 'connect' and disabled when you click 'disconnect' to prevent traffic leaks on connection loss. If you want to enable the firewall while the program is started or permanently, you can change this in the "Preferences" -> "Traffic Leak Protection". You need to enable the "Expert Mode" first (and click Apply).

    It's a bug that you are unable to use multiple hops using a SSH tunnel. I've added this to the list to fix for the next version.

    An indicator icon will be added soon.
  12. m

    mbr829 Member

    Great job on the improvements and updates! Sounds like you guys are very close to releasing the full version out of beta - right? :)
  13. P

    Pete Member

    I guess PP Team already anticipated the new release of macOS. All applications must be in 64 bits as 32 bits will not be compatible.

    Best Regards
  14. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    There's a new beta version 0.1.13 available.

    @pkaloc It fixes the issue with the SSH tunnel working with one hop only.
    @ppquestions And it adds a status indicator with a menu for quickly connecting to a favourite.
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  15. p

    ppquestions New Member

    Great to see the indicator in the latest version! I would suggest making it a bit more obvious when the connection is NOT active in the indicator. Currently, overlapping dark arrows are in the indicator whether the connection is live or not. The only indication that the connection is live are the horizontal lines above and below the arrows. That's a little hard to see. I would keep the horizontal lines, but also make it so the overlapping arrows are hollow when the connection is inactive. That way it will be very obvious when the connection isn't live. Thanks!
  16. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    @ppquestions Hollow arrows are a great idea! We'll give it a try.
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  17. P

    Pete Member

    @PP Simon

    Just installed the new Beta. Here my comments.
    • If we have the icon in the task bar, the app icon in the dock should disappear. Having both icons do not make any sense, especially if you have a busy dock.
    • Hollow arrows why not, however I would prefer to get a timing counter, like the original Apple one, because it easier to see if you had a disconnection because the timer will get back to zero
    • I found out that if you have the 'Traffic Leak Protection' enabled on 'Permanently' WiFi will not connect when you switch on your Mac. It only work with 'While Tunnel Is Active"
    • An automatic connection when you switch on your Mac will be great. You will not have to worry to turn on PP each time
    • I realise that having the 'TrackStop Filter' configuration will be great, then you won't have to go the website each time you want to make a change
    • Just for the design, what about the country flag within each icon?
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  18. s

    skorp New Member

    Somehow stealth vpn(all 3 options) doesn't work on my macbook, but it works fine with my imac (both using same wifi). I tried opening all ports, uninstalling using terminal, rebooting reinstalling name it.

    Besides this issue, if we use stealth vpn(obfuscation), is it still encrypted? possibly aes 256? and will it work with neurorouting?
  19. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    @Pete Thanks for your opinion. :)

    That's a thing that bothers me with Tunnelblick. If you have a system menu icon only, there's no dock icon you can click to bring the window to the front. Because of that, in our client, the dock icon will only appear, if the window is visible. You can close the window (red dot in the upper left corner or cmd+w) and the dock icon will disappear. Does that work for you?

    A text based timer will take a lot more space in the system menu. But I'll think about to add an option to choose between those two.

    Yes, there are some issues regarding to the traffic leak protection/firewall. Apart from that, there's the Airdrop/iCloud issue and there must be a more intuitive way to turn on/off the traffic leak protection.

    This will be added soon.

    That's also on its way.

    A country flag, some special notes (no email/p2p) and the workload are missing but planned.


    Do you use El Capitan on your macbook? There will be an update available today that includes a fix for using an SSH tunnel with El Capitan. If that doesn't work, it would be great if you could send me your log file.

    Yes, in the client, all VPN connections use a AES-256-CBC encrypted OpenVPN connection. The only thing that changes with Stealth VPN, is that another connection layer will be added on top. So the encrypted OpenVPN connection will go through the proxy or a SSH tunnel. Using Stealth VPN usually is useful only if you you are unable to connect the normal way because you need to escape a firewall (hotspot/company/country). If you don't need that, you'll be better disabling Stealth VPN since adding another connection layer may slow down your connection.

    Yes, using Stealth VPN doesn't affect NeuroRouting.
  20. D

    DJBeatMaster Junior Member

    About the encryption Method. Is it possible to add AES-256-GCM ? Whats better ? CBC or GCM ? On the Windows Client I used always GCM.

    A Server-Status like the one in the Windows Client would be nice to see the current Serverload.
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