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I am looking to know if my current setup is the correct way to go about it.. So as it stands i require to access the works Network drives using my works VPN - No issues works fine. I then need to access US websites, have tried and tested many vpn providers the only one that works for me is perfect privacy.

Currently i have setup an SSH Manager using the socks proxy connection using a Dallas Server, i have chosen firefox as the browser as they offer the option to allow you to confgure the connection settings.

The idea is to not only be able to access the works network drives via VPN but to also be able to access US sites at the same time.. The current process is to connect to the work VPN first then run the SSH Manager (Everything then works as it should and i can gain access to the US websites)

Whats your thoughts? is this setup correct or is there a better solution?


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For what I understand, the setup you are describing seems to fulfill your needs. But the connection through the SSH manager to the US site of interests is "double encrypted" (by your work vpn, and by the ssh manager). This may be cpu consuming and possibly leading to some lags and diminished speed.

The best would be for your work vpn to support a "split tunneling" feature, but I doubt it could be possible with a work vpn.

An other solution is to use a VM (in bridge mode). You start your vpn on the host, and the ssh manager on the guest. There will not be any useless double encryption. You could also use the SSH managedr on the host, the work vpn on the guest, in LAN or bridge mode.