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    Frage: PP Neuro Routing in Verbindung mit Socks5

    Servus PP Com! Ich habe eine kurze Frage zum besseren Verständnis: Folgendes Beispiel Setup: Host hat PP VPN mit Neuro Routing aktiviert (Server Basel) -> Virtuelle Maschine Socks5 (Fremdanbieter) irgendwo in Japan. Geht es dann von Basel erst noch zum PP Tokyo Server wegen Neuro Routing...
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    IT Newbie - Current Setup

    Afternoon I am looking to know if my current setup is the correct way to go about it.. So as it stands i require to access the works Network drives using my works VPN - No issues works fine. I then need to access US websites, have tried and tested many vpn providers the only one that works for...
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    Answered: How to configure VPN client on ASUS RT-AX86U with fireware version 386.2_2

    The model of my router is ASUS RT-AX86U, and the fireware version is 386.2_2. I configure my router according to the following URL: https://www.perfect-privacy.com/en/manuals/router_asuswrtmerlin_openvpn...