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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PP Stephan, Feb 1, 2016.

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  1. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    Please note: This BETA-Test is deprecated. Find the new one here.

    Hi there,

    In the future we will also offer the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager for MacOS X. As of now we are providing a public beta versin to test. NOTE: This software is still in the testing branch and may have bugs. Only use it for testing purposes, do not rely on it to guarantee your anonymity.

    Many thanks to JackCarver who worked tirelessly on this software for you.


    To download the OS X beta software please visit this link in our member area [BETA-Test cancelled] (login required). It is a .dmg file that can be installed normally by opening it and dragging the icon into the programs folder. The software will check for updates automatically and ask the user before installing them,


    If you want to remove the software completely, open a terminal and issue the following command:

    sudo rm -rf /Applications/PerfectPrivacyVPNManager.app/ "/Library/Application Support/PerfectPrivacyVPNManager" /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.apple.PerfectPrivacyVPNHelperTool ~/Library/Preferences/OVPNManager-Settings.plistx


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  2. t

    tiger2000 Member

    Works great!!! Thanks a lot.
  3. S

    Shitpickle forgot pw New Member

    After few weeks of use, this have worked flawlessly. Thanks for releasing this.

    Dunno is it just me but I don't know how to change a language. Maybe it's not just done yet.

    There's a chapter about firewall/dns and I assume that firewall-part has something to do with case of dropped vpn. Anyhow it's seems to block non-vpn-connection, even if I close the Manager.

    Great and steady manager.
  4. JackCarver

    JackCarver Junior Member

    For this first beta there is only the german language available.

    In the Firewall and DNS chapter you can do the following:


    The first checkbox is to deactivate the DNS Leak protection. DNS Leak protection is always enabled by default. If you don't want this option you can enable the first checkbox.

    The second checkbox is to activate the firewall after you are connected to PP. In this case the firewall is up as long as you are connected to PP and get's disabled after you quit this connection. So it is a protection in the case your VPN connection drops to not leak your public IP.

    The third checkbox is to activate the firewall after you started the manager. In this case the firewall is up as long as the manager is opened. It shouldn't block non-vpn connections after you closed the manager.

    The fourth checkbox is for the case you enabled the third checkbox. If you disable the fourth checkbox you can't download anything without a running VPN connection. This means you even can't connect to PP without VPN to get your public IP, server bandwidth or new configuration files.
  5. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    Hi Shitpickle forgot pw,

    thank you for your bug report.

    You're right. Unfortunately, there's no translation available yet.

    Yes, the firewall settings are intended to block all traffic that doesnt't go through the VPN tunnel. You have the option to enable the firewall when you connect to a server ("Bei Tunnelstart aktivieren") or enable the firewall when the program starts ("Bei Programmstart aktivieren").
    In fact, there seems to be an error where in some cases the firewall won't be disabled when the program exits. To disable the firewall, open a Terminal and enter the following:
    sudo pfctl -F all -f /etc/pf.conf
    or simply restart your computer.
    We're working on this issue. As soon as a new version is available, the software will ask to update to it.
  6. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    JackCarver found and fixed the issue. Please update to the new version 0.1.2 BETA.
  7. vpnr

    vpnr New Member

    Any updates on the release of VPN Manager for OS X?
  8. P

    Pete Member

    It has been a while now. Any update on this beta? RC release? English version?
  9. r

    rc10 New Member

    Thank You JackCarver.
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