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    I'm trying to create a bash script on a Linux host that brings up a Perfect-Privacy VPN connection then uses the default port forwarding to run a listening service. Unfortunately, it's not clear to me how the default port forwarding ports are calculated by the port forwarding calculator. Can you share the algorithm and a way to calculate the default ports in a script?

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    I use the following bash construct in an OpenVPN up-script. It's certainly not pretty but does the job:

    p1="`echo "$ifconfig_local_ip" |sed -e 's/.*\.\([0-9]*\)\.\([0-9]*\)$/\1/'`"
    p2="`echo "$ifconfig_local_ip" |sed -e 's/.*\.\([0-9]*\)$/\1/'`"
    port="`printf "1%04d" "$(( (($p1 % 0x10) * 256) + $p2 ))"`"
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    That worked. Thank you so much for your help.