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    Frage zu Port Forwarding

    Hallo. Ich versuche gerade, Port Forwarding einzurichten und irgendwie kapiere ich wohl was nicht so ganz. Ich habe im Einstellungen Bereich auf der PP Website die individuelle Portweiterleitung (1-zu-1 auf zufälligen Port). Aber auf meinem Linux Rechner, den ich mit openvpn über Kommandozeile...
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    How-To: Get Forwarded Ports in Windows

    If you, like me, make use of the default forwarded ports feature of this wonderful VPN service - depending on wich VPN client you use, you might find that you need to use the "Port Calculator" on the Perfect-Privacy website to get your forwarded ports. Needing to log in to the web site and...
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    Solved: Algorithm for default port forwarding calculator

    Hi, I'm trying to create a bash script on a Linux host that brings up a Perfect-Privacy VPN connection then uses the default port forwarding to run a listening service. Unfortunately, it's not clear to me how the default port forwarding ports are calculated by the port forwarding calculator...
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    Solved: [Help/Future How To?] Help with port forwarding?

    Hello. I am trying to setup port forwarding, using the Linux .deb VPN manager. I opened the port on my local machine (when using the nmap -p command on my localhost or local IP, it says the port is open). I then asked for a port forwarding on the server I connect to. I have a source port to...