WFP Network Driver for Killer Networking Suite

Discussion in 'Windows' started by praxis, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. praxis

    praxis New Member

    Hi All,

    I posted the following to PP Support in hope of getting a resolution to my problem, but thought I'd post it here to get other's thoughts on the problem.


    I have a somewhat uncommon setup on my PC in which I have a Killer ethernet adapter and WiFi adapter both connected to the network, and the driver suite for these adapters includes a function that allows for what ends up being a fairly rudimentary load balancing / QOS scenario. Both adapters are essentially used and are able to have the user select which process goes over which adapter. The problem this causes is that it is completely incompatible with OpenVPN TAP drivers (and as I've recently discovered Viscosity and any of it's setup options tap or tun). This has been the case with every VPN provider I have used, so the issue isn't isolated to you, and if I disable the Killer networking function and use one adapter, this of course works, but I'd preferably like to continue using the configuration I have in place at present as it's useful to allocate purely download/p2p processes that download 24/7 over the WiFi adapter at a specified throttled rate, leaving the lan adapter free of traffic for the best latency outcome for gaming. I'm not sure if you have heard of AdGuard, however I just started trialing their product, and they use something called a WFP network driver, which I'm assuming is Windows Filtering Platform, and it works fine with my setup, redirecting both adapters successfully through the WFP network driver. I'm not a programmer, so I'm not sure if there is an inherent difference with VPN connections and OpenVPN/TAP adapters and IPSEC connections, but have you encountered this issue previously (or something like it) and do you have a potential solution that could work for me? Would using a WFP network driver resolve the issue and is this even possible for something like your VPN service to use?


    The functions in the Killer Control Centre are called "Advanced Stream Detect" and "Killer Doubleshot Pro". As a last resort, I'll simply just have to deal disabling this each time I want to use the VPN, or find some other way of configuring the VPN on a router with OpenVPN support that I've got and routing through that. Ideally I'd prefer to use the VPN software-based on the local PC at this stage.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Kind Regards.
  2. praxis

    praxis New Member

    Between this and my second issue which is that I cannot achieve faster than 30Mbit downstream on the Melbourne server (I'm in Australia) when I have bandwidth off-VPN of 90Mbit downstream, makes it a difficult choice to stay with PP, although this is not where I want to end up as PP is by far the best VPN on all other fronts as far as services and configuration goes. That and they support IPv6, which I've yet to find another provider in the market to support it. Fair enough if the network routing issue cannot be resolved as this is a standard issue across the board with every VPN I've tried and tried (up to 5 now) but the download speeds are an issue. All other VPN providers at highest encryption settings were capable of achieving full 90Mbit downstream speeds over their service, so I'm hoping there's just a configuration issue and not a limitation with the service. I should note that I cannot achieve higher than 30Mbit downstream on *any* PP server, not just the Melbourne server. Latency isn't an issue on the Melbourne server which is averaging around 17-19ms.
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