VPN on Cell Phone ?


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!) Does VPN encrypt phone calls (audio) on a cell phone ?
2) Does VPN only encrypt data that goes through a web browser (ie email or web pages) ?
3) Does VPN encrypt audio and visual used for tele-conference (ie zoom) ?
4) Does a PC do it any better than a cell phone ?
Thanks for any info...


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1) no, only internet traffic
2) no, should work for all applications. you should however only use trusted vpn apps that are widely compatible and work well on your phone
3) well it encrypts all internet traffic from you to servers and back, so yes, that path is encrypted... what the service does with it server side or if it handles it safely... well you cant really control that if you dont control the server and dont really ever know 100%
4) well, one could say that you have more control on a pc regarding leaks, firewall etc. ... a rooted phone may give you better control there