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    The Most Popular VPNs are Not Secure: Research Shows They Leak Data

    Almost all VPNs claim to be bulletproof against dangerous data leaks.

    Unfortunately, our extensive tests of the most popular VPNs found this to be a false promise.

    We already know that some VPNs (especially the free ones) sometimes fail to do this.

    The VPNs we list are among some of the most popular VPNs. Four of our top 10 VPNs are included in this list as well as the most recommended free VPN.


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    VPNMentor did not do any "research". They simply hijacked a story that Comparitech dropped yesterday, and then removed their #1 recommendation NordVPN from the list of VPNs that leak. What a joke! LOL

    Here is the original story that VPNmentor hijacked and republished as their own "research"

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    Just posted a news I am not advertising VPN Mentor ;)

    Thanks for link I was not aware of it.
    However on which base are you saying they hijacked the study?

    By the way NordVPN is still on the top of their best VPN :))
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    Looks like VPN Mentors pulled the article because "a few VPNs contacted us and told us the research we presented isn’t fair to them".
    In any case, don't trust just one source. I usually start with Restore Privacy's Warning List and do some tests myself.
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    What about Perfect Privacy VPN. Was it tested and what were the results?
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    It doesn't look like it, and that would be a question for the people who did the research, which appears to be Comparitech.
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    As a Mac user I will say there is a leak when using IKEv2.

    When you turn on your iPhone or iPad, the WiFi connects for less than 1s then drops, then connects again through the VPN. So the tunnel is open during a lapse of time. Versus an app with a killer switch that should prevent a connection without a VPN connection.
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    In the comments of Comparitech article they have said that Perfect Privacy VPN was not tested. So there might be chance of leak with PP also.
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