Solved: VPN Configuartion JB 4.3


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Download "Open VPN" by Arne Schwab:

Download "ppConfig_Android" Files
(These are edited ppConfig_Mac Files from the MemberArea. "remote-random" removed)

Transfer all of the Files to your Device.

Install and Start Open VPN:

Click on Import.

Choose the OVPN File from the Server you want to Connect.

Review and Confirm the Imported Settings.

Enter your Crendentials.

You should be connected and good to go.
Check if everything worked out.


PP Daniel

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can you send me a PM with your PPTP settings please? I take it OpenVPN works for you, or am I wrong?


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Open VPN works great. I edited my post sorry for the confusion. I couldnt get it to work until I found the solution with Open VPN and wanted to share so I edited my post. Everything is a running fine now :)


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@PP Daniel - Official OpenVPN config files without the "Unsupported Option remote-random" (quote from OpenVPN on Android) would be great.
Nothing against GNex7 ;-)