Using PP to hide my Tor use from my ISP?

Vodka Vlad

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I realize that using PP alone is highly secure, but if I am on the deep web (not illegal sites) and I don't want my ISP to see that I'm using Tor would PP hide this from them?

I have read that if you want to use Tor to search the deep web without your ISP or the NSA to be snooping in on you, it is recommended to use a VPN and I keep reading good things about this VPN. I am planning to purchase PP in the near future, but thought I would post this and research more about it on this forum.

What are your thoughts on this?


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Be aware that total anonymity on the web (internet, deep or dark) is an illusion. If the NASCAR wants to snoop you they will.
If you want to achieve "real" privacy, you need a burner phone and a burner laptop on which you will have to make some "arrangements", not talking about going to a Starbucks and many other things.
You can play but you will never win at the end.
Your ISP might see you are hiding but they won't know what you are doing vs NASA who can. Don't fool yourself ;-)