Torrents - still hidden?


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I'm a user in North America and have recently received copyright notices for downloaded movies/tv torrents even though I have the VPN set to permanently connected for both the firewall and DNS leak. I also have the prevent IPv6 leaks box checked. I am using the OpenVPN option in the client.

I don't understand why this happened because I also have the VPN client to start automatically when windows starts. One time I did notice that the utorrent program opened up automatically after I booted the computer and when windows when just starting to load. Is it possible that a torrent that I had seeding could have been seeding from my real IP address before the VPN started up? But how is that possible since I have the permanently connected as described above activated?

PP Stephan

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If you are using the VPN Manger with Firewall Protection enabled, it is not possible for software to not use the VPN tunnel for traffic. However, the firewall protection may be rendered useless if there are third party programs interfering with Windows networking or firewalling. For instance, Kaspersky Internet Security and others will cause that problem:

That being said, are you sure the DMCA violation notice was for a torrent that you shared while using VPN?


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Yes, the notice was definitely for a torrent. The exact time of the exact torrent was stated in the notice.

I am using a third party antivirus (mcafee) that has a firewall enabled. I had no idea that could be a problem. I followed the instructions for the manual firewall test. For the I got a response of 4 packets sent and received. For, there was no response.

I turned off the firewall in mcafee, but I cannot restore defaults in the windows firewall. There is a little shield in front of the "restore defaults" and the "restore defaults" is bolded. I can't click on "restore defaults."

I tested things out on and there were no leaks there even with mcafee firewall turned on.