TOR bridge relays & Perfect Privacy

Cody James

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Does anyone have experience with running a TOR bridge relay while running PP? Can this be done? I'm interested in running a bridge to help folks in censored areas gain access to free communication. I'm not looking to jump right on this, I've been reading over the TOR project's website and familiarizing myself with the ins and outs but I've not seen anything with regard to VPN's other than perhaps I'd need to use a port forward. Maybe? I think I'm on the right track, maybe not? Thoughts?


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Basically, it might work.
You'd have to configure Tor to use the ports forwarded by the PP servers, so you'd need to update your torrc either on every VPN reconnect (default ports) or every week (custom ports).
I'd go with default port forwarding and configure/reload Tor in an up-script.

Cody James

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Thanks MixMaster! That's absolutely the idea that I had in my head. Thanks for confirming. I'm still quite new at all of this and it's just completely fascinating to me. I get wrapped up for literally hours playing on the computer all night when I should be sleeping. LOL.....for now however, I need to try and resolve an issue that popped back up today. This isn't a first. Pop up message says that there may be a problem with the ports because, most likely, they have been changed several times. Which is true. I show ports 21, 23, 80 and 508 to be open when I check in with GRC ShieldsUP. I realize that this is actually a reflection of the VPN and not my computer. And when I disconnect, re-check with GRC, I come up stealth all the way! How would you approach this?

Thanks for your feedback - welcome to PP - I'm new, too. Been here going on 2 months.