Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018

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    Hi Perfect Privacy,

    Can you advise what the impact will be on services you provide in Australia, and to Australians, now that the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018 has been passed into law?

    This is causing great concern for those of us who advocate for privacy and encryption here in Australia and I'm personally extremely concerned about the effect this bill will have on services such as yours that people in Australia, such as myself, rely on daily.

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    moejoe Member


    First u should tell us what is ur intention. Are u an Blogger or u watch streams for ur own or just want to safe securely ?

    for the first here is an link:

    It's a good ( not the best ) site for recommendations and some Background knowledge but u find some other privacy guides down below.

    And u should only use VPN with at least an double cascade. Cause its to easy with traffic correlation and math to find out what u have done without breakup the crypto.

  3. I

    ItsFe Active Member

    Australia wants to break encryption by forcing organisations to include backdoors.

    I don't think Australia can do anything against open source software, or companies not based in australia/companies which don't have any offices etc. there.
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  4. m

    moejoe Member

    Yes i know but imho the threadcreator should define his threat model first and this based on what he do.

    Openscource is not an guarantee for no backdoors.
    for example heartbleed:

    But if u prepared very well before and obey @ItsFe additional advice to use open source first and explore the open source project a litte bit before u give them an trusted standing.. i think u will be fine related to this.

  5. I

    ItsFe Active Member

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