Solved: strongSwan client on OpenWrt

Discussion in 'Router' started by John Connett, Dec 16, 2016.

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    John Connett New Member

    Does anyone have a tutorial on configuring a strongSwan ( IPsec client on OpenWrt (

    I'm running OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 with strongSwan 5.3.3-1 installed from the OpenWrt distribution packages.

    I have successfully tested an IPsec connection from a Windows 10 Enterprise system using Perfect Privacy VPN Manager behind this OpenWrt router.

    Example configuration files would be a good start. I have extracted the two certificates from the Perfect Privacy Cert Installer found on the Configuring IPSec/IKEv2 in Windows 10 page.
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    ravenlost New Member

  3. a

    anajames Member

    Can someone please suggest a good router for the perfect privacy vpn.
  4. R

    RestorePrivacy New Member

    Asus routers work great with Perfect Privacy, just keep in mind CPU and model (not all models work). Asus with Perfect Privacy setup guide:
  5. a

    anajames Member

    What about DD-WRT Routers? Will look into the setup guide once i get hold of one.
  6. R

    RestorePrivacy New Member

  7. a

    anajames Member

    Thanks for the share. May be have to look at both.
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