Guide: StealthVPN (OpenVPN & SOCKS) on iOS

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This thread refers to the tutorial StealthVPN (OpenVPN & SOCKS) on iOS. Please only post in this thread if you have questions, comments or feedback regarding this guide. To keep this thread updated and free from obsolete and redundant information, this thread will be cleaned up occasionally.


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Hi @Jgg , the link leads to
It's almost the same as setting up a regular OpenVPN connection on iOS, but you need different OpenVPN configuration files (the dropdown at the top of the manual).

This has not worked for me. The configuration files appear to be the same as the standard ones.

The image I’ve attached shows that the button to add proxy in the OpenVPN app is still there, and when I click it, the fields for proxy settings are all empty (as shown in the second image).

It would be easier if we could just be given the proxy settings to use. I’ve searched everywhere on the website and forum and cannot find any reference to them apart from this thread.


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This has not worked for me. The configuration files appear to be the same as the standard ones.
I have no Iphone, so I can't test is the whole process is working or not on these devices.

But I have tried as advised, and downloaded the madrid.ovpn file.
Inside this file you can find these 2 instructions:

remote 142
socks-proxy 21

So at least it is not the standard .ovpn file. These instructions are meant to connect to the vpn server through a socks proxy (in that case located in Madrid to).
Probably you even can if you want change the socks proxy IP to connect to (the Madrid in that case) OpenVpn server through a socks5 proxy server located elsewhere.