Stealth VPN on mobile

Discussion in 'Android' started by oblash, Nov 9, 2017.

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    oblash New Member

    i'm new in PP, i'm trying the Stealth option from office and works fine(without our fw block the VPN) while if i try to access to VPN from smartphone (in the same network in wifi) not work.

    Is Stealth option available only for windows client?

    Last questions.

    How can I check if i'm using multi hop connetion? (this feature is avilable for mobile also?)

    I've Android and use the androip.apk

    Best regards
  2. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

  3. o

    oblash New Member

    Thank you very much for reply. I've tried and and works fine.

    In therm of anonimity wich is the different between a connection with multi hops or a connection with neuro-routing? Multi hops is better?

    I know the best are use both toghetere...but i can't do it because i use vpn principally frm my android tv box or smartphone
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