Slow speeds on OpenVPN router ASUS merlin firmware

Discussion in 'Router' started by lee_vh, Apr 22, 2017.

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    lee_vh New Member

    Hello, wondering if anyone is running PerfectPrivacy on Asus merlin with good speeds? My settings are shown below which are basically just the .ovpn file for montreal (I'm in Canada), and I just added pull-filter ignore entries on the end to make it actually connect. I get about 2-3Mbps on UDP, and around 8Mbps on TCP. Router is ASUS AC68U overclocked and is capable of doing 40Mbps+ on Openvpn. Internet connection is 50Mbps. I *must* have something wrong because even PIA does 20-30Mbps on this router.

    Thanks for any tips, and if I can provide any other info please let me know.

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    privacy Junior Member

    No idea why it's so slow did you restarted your router? Maybe you have bad peering to the datacenter try a different location

    I recommend you to activate

    Block routed clients if tunnel goes down (yes)

    Start with wan (yes)

    Accept dns configuration (exclusive)
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