Solved: Size of RSA Keys?


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I am not a client yet, but I am interested.

Does Perfect-Privacy use 4096 RSA for it's OpenVPN and SSH?

If not, can it happen?

PP Daniel

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for OpenVPN we use 4,096 bit public key encryption for the key exchange and AES-256 bit for traffic encryption. SSH2 tunnels are also using AES-256 bit for data encryption, the key exchange method used may depend on your settings though. You can find more information on our services on the page linked below.


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Thanks! You have answered my question completely.

You can close the thread now if you wish.


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I don't see anything that would make such an attack infeasible against RSA with larger key size in principle. Or make it a cryptographic break of 1024-bit RSA for that matter


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After a spell and lots of news later i would highly recommend to do it with 4096/sha512/self-signed. regards