Server Amsterdam1 now with 1gbps bandwidth and 16 IP addresses

Perfect Privacy

We have decided to upgrade the popular servers in Amsterdam. In the first step the server Amsterdam1 was replaced by a new one with 1gbps bandwidth and 16 IP addresses. If everything works well, the replacement will also be done with the server Amsterdam2. The servers Amsterdam3 and Amsterdam4 will then be dropped. Thus in Amsterdam instead of the 400mbps it used to be, we will provide 2gbps bandwidth and a lot more IP addresses.

Also we started on a change of the pattern of the server’s names. We continued to name the server Amsterdam1 instead of having a “gigabit” in its name as we used to do. We plan to implement this change on the other servers with 1gbps bandwidth also, and to name them according to their location. These servers at the same time will continue to be available under their old names for a while still.

Kind regards,

Your Perfect Privacy Team