[Request] Auto-Cascade


Junior Member
I am about to buy a 1 year license but there is 1 thing that bothers me.
Its a feature that no one has yet. You have the option to cascade the VPN
up to 4 and I would really like to see a option to auto connect all the cascades.
So if you start your computer the software connects to all the servers you defined in a row.

Something like:
connect frankfurt.perfect-privacy.com /cascade1
sleep 5000
connect paris.perfect-privacy.com /cascade2

Do you know what I mean?

Best regards, bimwrptjz

PP Daniel

Staff member

we will maybe add a feature like this in a future version of the VPN Manager. Currently only one connection may be configured to be established automatically upon start of the program, this has to be extended to support cascading. The sleep seems inappropriate, and unnecessary too as the VPN Manager does perform checks to ensure the connection is established. Thus it would be better to go from there, like: connection to server1 established and verified -> connect to next server if configured and so on.