Solved: Random Exit IP


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I my configuration options, I have checked "use random exit IP", meaning that my entry IP is not the same as my exit IP on the VPN server I use. This option is avaible only on "some servers". Which servers exactly ? As far as I unterstand, this option is available on servers that have at least 2 IPs, so the option doesn't work on Brisbane, Cairo, HongKong, London, TelAviv, and Tokyo servers, and is available on the others servers. Is that true? And what about Moscow (2 IPs but because of 2 servers) ? Is the option available on Moscow servers ?

Other question: Does the "use Random IP" option work if I use OpenVPN with TCP ?

Last question: Is there a way to see the entry/exit IP with PP Openvpn client ?

PP Daniel

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yes the "random exit IP" option only works on servers with more than one IP address. So this does not work on the servers in Moscow and others which have one IP address each. It works with OpenVPN regardless of TCP or UDP being used. The entry IP is not randomized, so it stays the same. The exit IP (which is the more interesting one), is the one our Check IP shows as your externally visible IP address. The Perfect Privacy VPN Manager also displays this IP address once a connection is established.