Preserving privacy with work phone


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Hi all!
I’m really stuck in a work phone set up and I was hoping you might provide me with some advice:).

Ok so for my own phone, I keep it simple. I have a very limited amount of app (e.g. no WhatsApp) use protonmail, have a vpn, have a password manager and use iOS.

However I’m starting a new job soon and there I’ll need a different phone for work.

With this phone I will need to use WhatsApp, an app for outlook mail, a calendar app, and probably some simple doc viewer/editor.

I however do not want to sacrifice my own personal privacy in the proces. What’s a good way to go about this?

First of all I think a good thing to ask is to choose Android or iOS?
  • Android
    • Just turn everything of within Android and download sandbox apps?
    • Use different/anonymous google account ? (Is there even such a thing?)
    • Install a different OS?
      • CalyxOS
      • GrapheneOS
      • LineageOS
    • Are there certain brands/devices you advice or advice against?
    • Or...?
  • iPhone
    • Use different appleID and trust Apple to do the rest? (Ehhh...)
    • Are there apps to sandbox WhatsApp?
Up to a certain budget I’m free to pick a phone myself. Is buying a secondhand with regard to privacy a very bad decision?

I’m not very tech savvy, so rooting a new device seems pretty scary to me to be honest.

I couldn’t find a thread to answer my questions. But if there is one, please tell me:).