PP-VPN will not install


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Created new installs of Mint 20.1 and Kubuntu 20.10 and discovered that PP-VPN will not install in either distribution.
The problem is that the needed Python files (python-requests, etc) are no longer available.
The python files are obsolete and can not be installed in either distribution.
So, PP-VPN can not be installed in new copies of these Linux distros.


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submitted info to ticket # 4591, but it does not show up in the ticket system ?
must be a reason for the delay... reminds me of socialized medicine... maybe someday it will work ?

PP Daniel

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The ticket has been answered two days ago:

Hello. Which link did you use to download the PP Manager?
I verified that on a fresh install of Mint 20.1, the PP Manager downloaded from the website can be installed and works as expected: https://www.perfect-privacy.com/downloads/perfect-privacy-vpn.deb
This version uses python3 and does not depend on python-requests. It may appear that you tried to install an old version of the manager.