Solved: Picking a destination (exit node)


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I am new to Perfect Privacy and I'm trying to find my way around the VPN Manager settings.

Is there a trick to selecting where you will appear to be from when connected to a server?


Connecting to Copenhagen/Denmark, you will appear to be from Oslo/Norway.
Connecting to Erfurt/Germany, you will appear to be from Amsterdam/Netherlands.

With VPN providers I tried in the past, you would appear to be from the server location.

The reason I ask, is to bypass geo restrictions.

I would appreciate any help or pointers, in case it has already been answered elsewhere.


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Sadly, its not really easy, you will have to try for yourself.
The thing is, for the hosting providers this is mostly not really a priority, so multi-nation hosters have their IP-blocks just registered in their home country sometimes.
And the GeoIP-databases (which lets the sites you visit see a country based on your IP) are another complicated topic.
Getting outdated/incorrect info changed there is not that fast/easy...
All the Server IP's are in the member area, so you can check them in whois databases before connecting and see the registered IP info and country.


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OK. I'll have a look at that. However, it does strike me as odd, that when using the Perfect Privacy Android app, the IP geo location matches that of the server connected to, where as the PC software doesn't.


Do you have the NeuroRouting feature enabled? Although in that case, the result should be similar on Android and PC.


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No I did not but after playing around with the settings and restarting the system, it suddenly worked correctly. Some settings doesn't seem to take effect until a reboot has been done.

All is working now, so I guess I will just keep that in mind.