"PerfectPrivacy cancelled your automatic payments"

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers (Q&A)' started by Slated, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Slated

    Slated Junior Member

    Just got this from PayPal:

    "PerfectPrivacy cancelled your automatic payments. This means we'll no longer automatically draw money from your account to pay the merchant. If you have any questions, you may ask PerfectPrivacy about this cancellation."


    I'm not a heavy user, spammer or have in any way abused this service, as far as I can tell. Additionally, my account has not been suspended, it's just that future automatic payments have been cancelled. So this is a payment issue, not an abuse issue. However, there is no problem with either my PayPal account or the linked bank account, so I'm at a loss to understand why this happened.

    My best guess is that the system is set up to automatically cancel payments after one year, forcing the customer to confirm his intention to continue with a new payment subscription.

    If that's the case, then I may have to switch to a different payment method, as I have an extremely busy schedule and consequently rarely check my emails, meaning that I could easily miss an unexpected cancellation like this, and end up without service.

    Is there any other way to stop this happening?
  2. Slated

    Slated Junior Member

    Also, I just set up a new payment, and apparently the payee is now "VECTURA DATAMANAGEMENT LIMITED COMPANY", an American company based in Wyoming, not New Zealand as Perfect Privacy was formerly.

    I'm not very comfortable dealing with American companies, for obvious reasons, given that my sole reason for using a VPN service in the first place is to evade American corporate and government intervention. I realise that this service's infrastructure precludes coercion from hostile parties, but still it seems like an odd choice to incorporate in the jurisdiction that is the primary threat such services exist to defend against.

    Anyway, presumably this is the reason that my payment subscription was cancelled.
  3. Wall-E

    Wall-E Junior Member

    ...me too.

    Also bisher habe ich ja PP-Zahlungen über PayPal verteidigt, weil schnell und einfach und eigentlich nichts dagegen spricht.

    Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, ein Abonnement abgeschlossen zu haben ( was auch völliger Quatsch wäre bei meiner Laufzeit ).

    Die beiden E-Mails, die heute kamen sind ja wirklich genau das Gegenteil von dem, was ich mir vorstelle. Außerdem wundere ich mich über die genutzte E-Mail-Adresse. Diese ist nicht in meinem PerfectPrivacy Account hinterlegt sondern gilt nur für PayPal.

    Ich bin sprachlos und echt sauer.
  4. p

    privacy Junior Member

    Its Swiss Company not USA about the Paypal issue you should Send them a Email
  5. PP Frank

    PP Frank Staff Member

    1. The VPN Service is not located in the USA and not in Switzerland. The VPN Service is located in Panama. Vectura from Switzerland(The US Registration is only for a better handling, Vectura is in Switzerland) is only for the Accounting. We choose this structure to our all Security. It is the Best for you and for us with this strictly separation.....

    2. If you read this Mail, then you have no Questions. Please read this Mail complete. And the next time if you have a Question like this, then you can write us also a Mail.
  6. Slated

    Slated Junior Member

    Thank you for the information. I was simply responding to the only information I could find at the time from a web search.

    Anyway, the main issue is that PayPal claims my recurring payments were cancelled by the payee, so they are disclaiming all responsibility and have no further explanation. The one year anniversary of this subscription leads me to suspect that this is an undocumented problem with the way PayPal handles recurring payments.
  7. PP Frank

    PP Frank Staff Member

    We have to changed the Paypal Account, but with Paypal you have no Way to move the Subscriptions to a new Account and we have no other chance as to cancel all. :(
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  8. Slated

    Slated Junior Member

    Ah, now I understand.
    Danke schön.
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