Perfect Privacy VPN with Silo browser


IP and DNS both leak when using Silo browser from Authentic8. Why and how to avoid this. Please look into the same and reply soon.


Silo only encrypts the traffic between the Pseudo-Browser-window on your PC and the Authentic-8 Server. That means, all browsing is done on the server, not on your pc. What you see on your computer at home, is only a picture.
All of the actual Web browsing takes place on Authentic8's servers. Your local Silo client establishes an encrypted connection to those servers. When you click a link or enter a website address, the local client passes along your request to the server. The server communicates with the websites and transmits an already-rendered Web page back to the client. What you see in Silo is like a picture of the page; you're not directly connected.,2817,2454622,00.asp
Perfect Privacy is useless in this way. I think, there are no possibilities inside the Authentic8-Software in order to hide your IP-address. Because of the 90-days-policy, it is the wrong solution for some people with very special hobbies.
Silo does not mask your identity; it simply aims to create a more secure environment for you to browse in.
But the company does store some login information for 90 days, meaning that it knows which websites you have visited. The company says it’s not aware of what you bought or sold on eBay, or how many times you visited Facebook, just that you went to those sites.
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