perfect privacy doesnt work

Discussion in 'Windows' started by d357r0y3r, Apr 30, 2019.


perfect privacy doesnt work since today why?

  1. how to fix that problem?

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  2. what is the problem and how can i fix it?

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  1. d357r0y3r

    d357r0y3r New Member

    that is the error why the perfect privycy doesnt work.
    it doesnt work since today.
    here is a screenshot of my error.

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  2. kafka

    kafka Active Member

    Close Perfect Privacy VPN Manager
    Search for %appdata% in a Folder (Type in) and go to "Local"
    Delete the folder "Perfect Privacy"

    After that it usually works again.
    If not, uninstall PP and repeat the process in %appdata%
    Then reinstall PP.
  3. d357r0y3r

    d357r0y3r New Member

    nice thanks it works you re the best
  4. kafka

    kafka Active Member

    You're welcome :)
  5. d357r0y3r

    d357r0y3r New Member

    i know where the problem comes from.
    the problem come if i start my dns leak protection.
    so i cant use the perfect privacy dns leak protection and lose on security.
    how can i fix that?
  6. kafka

    kafka Active Member

    That would be very strange.
    I understood you correctly, as soon as you activate DNS Leak protection the error message appears?
  7. d357r0y3r

    d357r0y3r New Member

  8. kafka

    kafka Active Member

    Have you specified other entries regarding DNS in Windows / entered server?
    If not, actually try PP completely "clean" to uninstall. So about the normal routine. Then delete %appdata%.
    Reboot your System.

    Reinstall PP

    If the error is still there after that and can be reproduced ask the Support via Mail. They can help you soon.
  9. E

    Erenys New Member

    I have this kind or error too. I had to completely uncheck all dns leak protection in order to get the VPN Manager working. I passed hours to fix the problem, trying different version of the Vpn Manager, trying to reset several network parameters with NetAdapterRepair.exe (which usually works very well to fix networks problems), without any success. Fortunately, even without Dns Leak protection, I haven't detected any Dns leak during the different tests I have performed so far. But it's irritating not to be able to set up this protection in the manager.
  10. kafka

    kafka Active Member

    Do you use a third-party firewall?
  11. d357r0y3r

    d357r0y3r New Member

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