Peer to peer in US?


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I see on your Server Status page that peer to peer services are blocked on all US servers. I'm not sure exactly what that means. Are you blocking specific ports such as BitTorrent from port forwarding for legal reasons? Or are all ports closed to port forwarded incoming traffic?

I'm interested in running an Ethereum node. Obviously that doesn't involve any copyrighted content or legal issues. I'd need ports 30303 and 9000 to accept port forwarded incoming traffic.

Would that be a problem? If so, is there any reason I can't just use the Montreal Perfect Privacy server? I'd rather not, because it's farther away and would therefore be a bit slower, but if the US servers won't work and that does turn out to be fast enough, I don't know why I couldn't use it.
the american exit-nodes are blocked for the common bittorrent, emule and so on , so the classic p2p.
I don't see the problem with ethereum, but I'm not a technician. it's not p2p in that sense.

you can share the ports and just test if it works and I think it should, because it's different protocols and a different application.

if against all expectations it doesn't work, please pull a ticket for technical support. they will be able to explain it to you better and give more support.

but i think it should work, because as mentioned above it is not classic p2p (dcm, copyrights etc.)

give it a chance ;)