Answered: PC VPN trough Router VPN


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Already running PP with "max security" option on, on Paris Server, with Neuro-routing on, no cascading
Wanna try to add VPN directly on my router, on the same server (Paris).
Questions :
1- Is it posiible to make a "double" tunnel through the same server ?
2- Worthy ?
3- Neuro routing still effective/efficient ?
4- Is it efficient to be Neuro routing on and cascading on multiple servers ?
5- Is it possible to have the same level of security on a router than on my PC with "max security" options on ?
Thxs !

PP Stephan

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Router firmwares normally do not support cascading. The only way to do that is manually with Linux. Same applies to obfusacation. But obfuscation is only useful if your provider is blocking or throttling VPN connections, otherwise it has no advantages.

Neurorouting is an account specific setting so it works with all connections, including routers.