Not a bug: Page Links get DNS error


New Member
New to PP. About 10% of the time when I click on a link to open a page I get an error message that "server DNS address could not be found." If I disconnect PP, the link works. Anyway to fix this?


You are most probably using a DNS Server locally which requires IP addresses from an other service or your own ISP.
Please check which DNS servers you are using by checking here:

In case there are DNS servers from your own ISP, then there are some things to check or change:
  • did you setting up at the PP manager the Firewall&DNS settings already? you are able to choose DNS manually as well
  • in case that you did already, then do you use another firewall which is blocking the PP manager from using the windows standard firewall
  • the easiest way to change your ISP DNS is to change the settings on your local internet router (WAN settings, DNS manually, just use and for example)
if you provide me some answers i will be able to help you better..