Optimized anonymity with virtual machine


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Can I install PErfect privacy on my Mac OS, and install 1 virtual machine in which I install perfect privacy?

Can I do that with 3 or 4 levels of virtual machine?

Is it a good idea for you to get 100% anonymity?

Is it best to use Unbuntu as O in virtual machines? It brings a better privacy?

Thank you


I know that many think that they get more security through such multiple nesting. but it is still not clear to me why this is done. if you set up a connection of a device to a VPN server and this is then routed via neurorouting over multiple dynamic cascades, for example, then there is no practical way to trace this. if you want you can do this via a vserver of course. a cascade on your own device will also work, but then i would rather use a proxy based tunnels for this. but multiple cascades on your own device will not bring more security, i think this superstition is completely unfounded, but that's just my 2 cents


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ok thanks. please help me. I made another ticket because I installed your vpn but I can't connect. I made a video showing you the problem. I hope we can solve it quickly. Thank you again.