Guide: OpenVPN through SSLdroid tunnel (StealthVPN)


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i am using pefect privacy through open vpn app and SSLDroid, i set all the sitting in the correct way, but i cannot change the ip address of a specific server like New York, there is something wrong, the same ip address every time.

PP Simon

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Hi @Jeffrey86. Sorry for the late reply.

There are two main causes if you always see the same IP address on a Check IP site:

Cause 1: NeuroRouting is enabled

With NeuroRouting enabled, Perfect Privacy's global VPN server network will route your traffic as closely as possible to the destination server - in an encrypted way. Depending on the location of the IP check site, you will get different results when visiting different IP check sites. If you always visit the same IP check site (and that site doesn't move around the globe), you'll always see the same IP address.

You can enable/disable NeuroRouting in your account settings:

Cause 2: Random Exit IP address is disabled (and NeuroRouting too)

If you disable the random exit IP address setting in the account settings, you'll always appear with the same public IP address if you always connect to the same server.

You can enable/disable that setting here:

Using StealthVPN doesn't have an effect on the public IP address you appear from.

Hope this has been helpful.