How-To: OpenVPN on routers running DD-WRT

Discussion in 'Router' started by PP Stephan, Jun 7, 2018.

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    This thread refers to the how-to OpenVPN on routers running DD-WRT. Please only post in this thread if you have questions, comments or feedback regarding this howto. To keep this thread updated and free from obsolete and redundant information, this thread will be cleaned up occasionally.
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    I am having serious issues with IPv6 connectivity. My Router is Netgear 7800, successfully flashed with the latest DD-WRT v3.0-r38835M kongat (02/23/19). I have followed the PP router set up instructions and couldn't get IPv6 connectivity, my router had no IPv6 address at all.

    After a lot of searching I tried to enable IPv6 with DHCPv6 with Prefix Delegation + two static IPv6 DNS (from OpenDNS). Your instruction suggests using Native IPv6, in which case the router gets no IPv6 address at all.

    With IPv6 DHCPv6 with delegation my WW-WRT gets the IPv6 address, but it doesn't help - IPv6 testers (including Perfect Privacy test page) do not detect IPv6 connectivity.

    If I disable the router Open VPN Perfect Privacy Set up , then there is no problem with IPv6, in both cases - with and without using separate Perfect Privacy software.

    pls pls help. i've spent two days on various forums.i have tried without any firewall and only with the router many people seem to be having issues with this, but i couldn't find a working solution.

    many thanks in advance.
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