New VPN server in Oslo available

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Perfect Privacy, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Perfect Privacy

    Perfect Privacy Staff Member

    We have added a server in Oslo (Norway) to our server-park. The server is connected with a bandwidth of 1 gbps and has 13 IP addresses available. As usual, we appreciate if you share and discuss your impressions on this server with us in our forum.

    As already announced in our forum, the server in Panama-City has been switched off and is no longer available.

    Kind regards,

    Your Perfect Privacy Team
  2. bokkenrijder

    bokkenrijder Junior Member

    Hallo, I have a 200/12 connection (cable). Tested this morning:
    Oslo ---168/10 --------Prague---166/9---------Nuremberg---165/10--------Zurich---167/10--------Heunenberg---39/8--------Frankfurt---140/9--------Erfurt---83/9--------Paris---127/10
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