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Discussion in 'Anonymity, privacy and security' started by kasnadoona, May 22, 2018.

  1. k

    kasnadoona New Member

    I live in Iran. I am journalist. our online privacy and security is really in danger here. the censorship is in high level. Telegram has banned here in last weeks also many other services. many VPN can not connect.
    our online activity in Iran is controlled and we have in danger for our freedom and security. for boycott here we have many problem for paying for VPN or other services that need online payment.
    I really help for our privacy and a secure internet.
    please help me.
  2. PP Lars

    PP Lars Staff Member

  3. k

    kasnadoona New Member

    torproject is not connected many times and it's too slow
  4. ItsFe

    ItsFe Active Member

    what does not connected mean
  5. A

    Antares New Member

    Hello kasnadoona!
    You wrote: "VPN can not connect."
    Doesn´t VPN connect even if you use Stealth-VPN? In Windows you can activate Stealth VPN in your Perfect Privacy OpenVPN Manager and for Linux there are some tutorials:
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  6. Black

    Black Member

    I want to thank you for fighting against the suppressors and enemies of democracy and freedom in your own country and not fleeing like a coward which is a sad trend nowadays.
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  7. m

    moejoe Member

    You should use more than one gadget to secure yourself, cause youre not safe with only an vpn and noone else.

    for users who could speak german the privacy handbook its an awsome guide but unfortunately there is no englisch version.

    You should have a look on a live system like tails which is from the scratch prepared for safety.

    You have also the ability to modify tails for you needs like an vpn manager or sth Else

    And for messaging with your local friends you should give a view on Briar which also works without an Internet connection.

    Best regards moejoe
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  8. m

    moejoe Member

    For submit documents secure look on securedrop which is already implemented in tails

    If u need more help just ask

    Regards moejoe
  9. F

    Florian2833z Member

    He said that he is not able to make onlinepayments for a vpn.
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