macOS Perfect Privacy VPN App & IPv6 Connectivity


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Hi All,

So I've been using Perfect Privacy on macOS for a while now via IKEv2 (downloaded mobileconfig files just like for iOS), without issues. With Connect On Demand enabled, this had been a great option as it is entirely leak proof and it also supports full IPv6 connectivity - which my ISP supports and provides an IPv6 address to me directly.

However, when using Perfect Privacy with OpenVPN via the Perfect Privacy macOS app, IPv6 is disabled. Is this a limitation of the current build of the macOS app (1.0.1)?

It isn't a dealbreaker for me or anything. I like the permanent firewall option (level 3 killswitch) in the app, but then again that is essentially the same as the 'Connect On Demand' function in the native IKEv2 connection, although it is less able to accidentally be turned off/cause a leak.

Any feedback and/or advice on this topic would be appreciated.

Thanks for everything! For fun and curiosity, I've added a poll to this thread to see what the most common choice is for macOS with Perfect Privacy.

One more question regarding the Perfect Privacy VPN App (official) for macOS:

Will we see, at some point in a future release, the option to auto-connect on app startup? I've added the application to my macOS 'Login Items' so that the app launches when I log in to my computer, but it would be nice if it could also automatically initiate a connection to a specified/configurable server upon app startup. I do have the level 3 killswitch/firewall enabled (permanent) so that no matter what I don't have any leaks, but to reduce the number of clicks required simply to get my computer online it would be a nice touch to have the app auto-connect to a user-specified server upon application startup (so, in other words, once the user has specified in Preferences in the app, as long as the Perfect Privacy VPN app is set to launch upon logging in under 'Login Items' in 'Users & Groups' it automatically launches and connects upon logging in, without the user having to do anything).

I know it only just launched recently and is only version 1.0.1, but consider this feedback for a future release - if it isn't already in the works, that is.

Thanks, and keep up the fantastic work on the world's BEST and MOST SECURE VPN, Perfect Privacy team!