As designed: issues with a R7000 Tomato pp-vpn


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-pc1 2.2
-pc2-4 .............. followup
-printer 2.99

now i add the r7k as 2.10
it has wan=off, gateway = fritzbox 2.1
the fritzbox has the DNS ipv4 & 6 google
the r7k has as dns fritzbox

the r7k has openvpn installed via PP guide.
with one difference,i added to firewall script a start/restart line

the vpn connects,a oneplus on wlan,gets to the web besides the whole vpn

i know my 2.2 pc has PP since nearly 8 years?(openvpn time,before manager) and for the oneplus i have also PP installed,but i want that router todo that job

it did it once yesterday,but quite poorly instead of around 240sh mbit,like the pc 2.2 it made it to 7 mbit
,i couldnt even DL netflix,it canceld...
at that point someone mentioned..take the AIO version ,not the vpn...did that now,and i have holes all over the router,with active vpn,and kick entry in the FW

iam still newb if it comes to tomato, but i expect atleast the same as my phone or my pc could handle.
but maybe one or two clicks are in the wrong place...

iam up for suggestions

forgot to mention, latest tomato for the r7000 , 1.28 (140)
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